Know How / Broilers

Modern broiler production combines the application of technology with animal husbandry. Done right, the sector can offer a farm business a highly profitable enterprise relative to the space required for an installation.

Our key areas of focus are

  • Getting birds off to the best possible start
  • Managing broilers without antibiotics
  • Improving the welfare and performance of birds
  • Reviewing changes to regulations, assurance schemes and retailer requirements that affect your business

Latest Know How


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Soya is almost unique in its qualities as a source of highly digestible, high-protein, plant-based feed with a good amino acid profile.  It is also available year round and is…


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On-farm hatching is delivering better broiler performance while improving welfare and cutting carbon emissions for one Hertfordshire producer. Tom Wornham’s family farm almost 200,000 birds for one of the UK’s…


Can slower-grown breeds work in the UK poultry market?

For decades the poultry industry has striven to improve efficiencies, driven by consumer demand for lower prices. Fast-growing chickens with high feed intakes have been required – but that is…


How poultry assurance scheme can slash permit costs

Poultry farms with more than 40,000 bird places could save £940/year on Environment Agency (EA) charges by signing up to a new assurance scheme. Farms with units of this size…

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