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Whether indoor or outdoor, modern British pig production has evolved to high levels of technical performance and efficiency to cope in a huge pork market. Find out more about key management areas, information on issues such as welfare, consumer demands and antibiotics reduction targets.

Key focus areas:

  • Managing health and welfare
  • Farrowing and youngstock
  • Growing and finishing
  • Genetics and breeding decisions
  • Knowing your cost of production

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Advice on converting farm buildings for pig B&B

New-build sheds on greenfield sites have been a popular choice for farmers setting up a bed and breakfast pig enterprise, with short payback periods, new-build bonuses, and a good return…


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Uncertainty surrounding future support payments and increasing volatility in the marketplace following Brexit and Covid-19 is driving more farmers to consider additional income streams, such as contract-rearing pigs. There is…


What to consider before a switch to five-week weaning

Weaning piglets at five weeks old instead of four has potential benefits for improving weaning weights, health and growth post-weaning, along with improved feed efficiency and reduced days to slaughter.…


How to avoid piglet losses in large litters

Litter size has increased in the past 10 years, but so have piglet losses, according to Steve Jagger, senior pig nutritionist at feed company ABN. The challenge for pig farmers…

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